What is JSON?

The JSON format

JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation and is a standardized syntax for showing machine data in human readable way. It is an alternatice to XML that's more easy to use as it shows data in a more understandable format. It is often used to send data between different servers. For example, a lot of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are using the JSON format to transmit their data.

Readable JSON

Even though JSON is a format that is supposed to make it easy to read, oftentimes APIs return JSON that is compressed into one line to save bandwith. While it saves on download speed, it unfortunately makes it hard to read the JSON too as it's all combined into one long string. To make JSON more readable, you can use the JSON pretty printer above. Just paste your raw JSON data, press the button, and it will convert your JSON to a much more readable format. This conversion is also often called pretty print.

JSON Pretty Print example:

This is an example of pretty printed JSON

JSON Pretty Print