Pretty Print JSON

How to read JSON data

As you're building your software product, you sometimes need to deal with APIs. For example, Facebook, Twitter and Google provide APIs that allow you to query their data and use it in your own application. Whether you are programming in Python, Java, Ruby, Javascript, C, Scala or Perl, the JSON format is a widely known way to exchange data. If you're familiar with Python, you might recognize that it looks a lot like a Python dictionary format. Be aware however, that it is not exactly the same.

How to get Pretty Printed JSON

Because it's important for APIs to use the least amount of bandwith possible, oftentimes JSON strings get compressed and stripped from spaces, making them hard to read. Pretty printing the JSON string will allow you to read it though. The tool above helps you pretty print JSON. Just follow the instructions in the box and press the button to get pretty printed JSON.

JSON Pretty Print