JSON Beautifier

Beautify JSON

You'll probably know this probem if you have been working a lot with different APIs. You make your code, you make your reqeusts using some library and you finally manage to get your API call working. Then however you try to make sense of your JSON result and you notice the JSON is all on one line. It's impossible to read the JSON without beautifying it. I had the same problem as you and decided to build a JSON beautifier like you see on top of this page. It helps you beautify your JSON so that you can actually read it more easily.

How to get JSON Beautified

So, if you're running into the same problem of not being able to read your JSON properly, try out the JSON beautifier on the top to print each element on a new line. It will make your JSON much more readable and easy on the eye. Go ahead, just paste your raw, unreadable JSON and press the button the says beautify JSON. You'll be redirected to a new page with the result

What to do with beautified JSON

If everything went well, you now have your JSON pretty printed that you can read. You can use this when you're building out some tool using different data sources that provide data via the JSON format. For example Facebook, Twitter an Youtube use this format when you query their APIs. When you're just debugging you can use this tool to quickly iterate and see how you can actually get the key value pairs that you're after.

Good luck on all your endeavours using JSON!

JSON Pretty Print